Bitcoin casinos – anonymity, security and innovation

Bitcoin casinos are services that refer to gambling sites that accept deposits in bitcoins and other popular cryptocurrencies. Today, most online gambling sites still use traditional payment instruments. But gradually the situation is changing, and more and more sites are offering deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency.

Min deposit

$ 5



Min deposit

$ 5



In this section, we have gathered for you the best online casinos for bitcoins. All of them use secure software, have the necessary licenses and provide their users with the most interesting gambling games.

Many experienced users have long appreciated the advantage of popular cryptocurrencies compared to fiat money. And more recently, progressive casinos have started to include bitcoin, etherium, litecoin and other digital money in the list of available payment methods.

Today, some bitcoin casinos even offer instant deposit and withdrawal without prior registration, which means absolute anonymity of gambling.

We have prepared for you an up-to-date list of bitcoin casinos that offer favorable conditions, interesting bonuses and casino promotions, as well as reliable service.

Bitcoin casinos - anonymity, security and innovation

Features of bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin casinos are a fairly new type of gambling services, which appeared almost immediately after the appearance of the innovative cryptocurrency. In general, such gambling resources do not differ much from the classic online casinos. Nevertheless, they use a number of features that bring important innovations to the gambling industry.

First of all, it is necessary to make a clear distinction between two understandings of bitcoin casinos:

In common parlance, a bitcoin casino is any gambling site that accepts Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency as a means of payment;
A narrower meaning is a gambling platform that is based on blockchain technology and uses advanced data encryption and settlement tools to operate.

Although today we will talk mostly about the first type, the era of high-tech blockchain-based casinos is not far off.

Overall, bitcoin gambling is very innovative and significantly transforms gambling, and btc casinos have a very high level of security:

  • The use of blockchain technology creates a secure system that cannot be tampered with or used for fraudulent purposes;
  • Thanks to the development of cryptographic methods, gambling can encrypt user data and financial transactions even more effectively;
  • In an ideal blockchain-based casino, all draws could be tracked and GCG facts matched, thereby minimizing fraud and unfair distribution of winnings.

A big plus of this type of gambling site is that it preserves the anonymity of the user. If you don’t want others (relatives, government or regulators) to know about your entertainment, then input and withdraw funds through cryptocurrency wallets.

Another important point is the ability to operate in markets where the authorities are trying to impose their gambling paradigm. Bitcoin casinos can easily avoid inadequate regulation.

Finally, the capitalization of cryptocurrencies is constantly growing, and digital monetary assets can be earned from such gambling services, which can grow in value hundreds or thousands of times over time.

Bonuses and promotions at bitcoin casinos

Like classic gambling sites, bitcoin casinos offer various bonus offers and ongoing promotions. You can win valuable crypto coins in freespins or get them by participating in a loyalty program.

All casinos offer a no deposit bonus on bitcoin deposits.

Deposit and withdrawal

The main feature of bitcoin casinos is that here you can make deposits using popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, ZCash, Dash and others), but along with them, the usual payment systems are maintained.

If you want to earn Bitcoin and Ethereum, you do not have to deposit exactly in these currencies because some gambling services allow you to convert habitual fiat currencies (dollars, euros, hryvnias) into digital ones. To replenish your balance, it is enough to use classical payment systems:

  • Visa, Maestro or MasterCard;
  • Electronic purses Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Webmoney or Qiwi;
  • Convenient online banking services (e.g. Privat24);

But here you should consider possible fluctuations in exchange rates and the loss of a small percentage in the conversion.

If you want to fund your account with cryptocurrency directly – you need to follow several steps:

  • Copy the digital account details of the online casino;
  • Go to your cryptocurrency wallet and insert the desired billing address;
  • Receive the money and start playing.

A big plus of transactions in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies is the high speed and minimal fees. That is, by playing in such establishments, you can save your time and money.


Thanks to the introduction of progressive technologies, the sphere of gambling is waiting for many positive changes that will affect the mathematical models of casinos and their financial system.

In general, the following advantages of bitcoin casinos can already be highlighted today:

  • High security and reliable data encryption methods;
  • Large arsenal of payment methods and systems;
  • The opportunity to win large sums in the promising cryptocurrency;
  • High anonymity of participation in gambling;
  • Large selection of slot machines and the best online poker for bitcoins;
  • Fast transactions in the system;
  • Low and sometimes zero deposit and withdrawal fees.

It is likely that bitcoin and blockchain technology will largely determine the future of the gambling industry. That’s why we suggest you take the opportunity and register with one of the sites that are already using these systems today!