We rack our brains and recall the 2021 hit “Rampampam,” which was blasting from every corner. You probably never wondered who performed it. But we, the editorial team, will reveal this not-so-secret secret to you. The song was by Romanian singer Minelli (not to be confused with Liza). She shone in the starry sky relatively recently but has already captivated everyone with her dance rhythms.

Childhood and Youth

Our heroine was fortunate to be born in a small town in southeastern Romania—Slobozia. Certainly not the most suitable place to launch a career, but as they say, he who sees the goal does not see the obstacles.

Luiza Ionela Luca (that’s Minelli’s real name) was born on August 22, 1988. Inspired by the dream of becoming a famous singer, she engaged deeply in music from an early age. At just 11, the performer founded her own group with her cousin and gave concerts in courtyards. The group even managed to perform at local events. For a town with just over 50,000 residents, we think that’s quite a breakthrough.

But naturally, global success is hard to find in one’s native harbor. So, after graduating in 2004, Luiza set out to conquer the show business in Bucharest.

The singer made her first career steps as part of the girl group Wassabi from 2006 to 2009. The creative union even tried to make it to Eurovision with the song “Do the Tango with Me,” but it didn’t work out. Even working with the famous Romanian group Morandi didn’t yield significant results.

The girl group spent a couple of years giving concerts across the country and participating in festivals but didn’t achieve success. Eventually, the group disbanded. The trigger was Luiza’s scandalous departure for a solo career. Don’t worry about the relationships between the members; despite the disputes, the girls reconciled long ago.

The early years of Minelli’s solo career can hardly be called successful. The singer still lacked experience in the music field, so she again became an “assistant” to another local performer—Vanotek. The Romanian artist with Moldovan roots had by that time boasted collaborations with Dan Balan and other popular singers. Together with him, Minelli released her first successful single, “My Mind,” which was well-received in Germany, followed by “No Sleep,” which conquered the Russian charts.

It wasn’t until 2017 that she had the courage to fully separate herself in show business. After all, the coveted 30 years were approaching, and she had not a single track of her own. The singer signed a contract with Global Records and broke into the music charts with the song “Empty Spaces.” Her popularity then grew exponentially.

Following the success came the single “Mariola.” It surpassed the debut work in popularity: it grabbed the top spot in the Airplay 100—a Billboard chart, and its music video broke records on Romanian YouTube. Moreover, the track was licensed by Sony Music Entertainment, which thus elevated Minelli to the rank of international performers.

Finally, in 2021, the singer made history in dance-pop with the hit “Rampampam,” the lines of which still play non-stop in the heads of our entire editorial team. Once you listen to it, you can’t get it out of your head… The performer snagged the Artist Awards 2021 for the single and announced herself to the whole world.

Minelli has no full-length albums yet (just remixes and EPs with other artists), but that’s not too scary. After all, she already has a couple of hit cards up her sleeve! As they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Overall, the Romanian performer is an example that success does not come immediately. To reach musical heights, in addition to talent, a vast reserve of patience and diligence is needed. Minelli took over 10 years in total to reach the Olympus of fame.

Personal Life

And if the artist’s creative path is more or less known, the details of her personal life are kept secret. Despite her long career, she has not been involved in any romantic scandals.

Luiza is one of those who value privacy. Therefore, we have to be content with scant information that she is happily married and already raising two children: Sara-Maria and Filip.

We assume that Minelli will still make a mark and that the megahit “Rampampam” will not be her last career achievement!

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