Community Standards

Created on 21 July, 2023 | 196 views | 2 minutes read

As part of our continuous endeavors to establish Pick You Me as a trusted platform for our users, we have devised guidelines that align closely with our Terms and Conditions. These guidelines outline what is acceptable and what is not when using Pick You Me, with the primary aim of ensuring a safe environment for you and your audience. Please take a moment to review our Community Standards and familiarize yourself with them, as using Pick You Me implies your agreement to adhere to these guidelines.

If you encounter any content on Pick You Me that violates the standards below, please report it.

  1. Adult content: We encourage creators to have their space on the internet while ensuring visitors, including minors, can make informed choices before clicking. If you link to adult content on your Pick You Me, ensure it is legal in your region, and your avatar and media remain appropriate for all ages. Use the sensitive content label when embedding feeds with adult material.
  2. Hate speech: Pick You Me is a place for sharing beliefs and ideas, but it must not incite hatred, violence, or discrimination based on various factors. Glorification of hatred, violence, or discrimination is also not allowed.
  3. Electoral fraud: Avoid using Pick You Me to mislead or engage in any electoral fraud activities, including selling voting rights or providing false information on participation.
  4. URLs: Pick You Me usernames are for everyone's use, so refrain from buying, selling, hoarding, or trading them. Domain squatting to prevent others from using usernames or profiting from reselling them is strictly prohibited.
  5. Illegal goods and services: Do not advertise or facilitate the sale of illegal or regulated goods and services on Pick You Me, including alcohol, drugs, weapons, counterfeit items, and human trafficking.
  6. Spam and fraud: Spamming or scamming visitors, including linking to deceptive sites collecting personal information, is not allowed on Pick You Me.
  7. Harassment: Targeting individuals with the intent to intimidate, harass, threaten, or bully on Pick You Me is strictly prohibited.
  8. Extremist/terrorist content: Pick You Me must not be used to promote, praise, or fund extremist groups or their activities.
  9. Child harm: Content harming minors or endorsing harm to minors, including child sexual abuse material, solicitation, or inappropriate imagery, is not tolerated on Pick You Me.
  10. Self-harm: Content that promotes self-harm, suicide, disordered eating, or harmful alternatives to medical treatment is not allowed on Pick You Me.
  11. Shocking or violent content: Sharing shocking, violent, or disturbing content on Pick You Me is not permitted.
  12. Copyright and trademark: Respect intellectual property rights on Pick You Me and refrain from uploading infringing content.
  13. Privacy and impersonation: Protect individual privacy on Pick You Me, and avoid exposing personal information or impersonating others.
  14. Misinformation: Avoid posting false, inaccurate, or misleading content on Pick You Me.

Updated on 21 July, 2023