Saturday’s national newspaper front pages

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Sky News takes a look at the stories making a splash in Saturday’s national newspapers.


New freedoms due in the coming days have been put on hold amid fears of a coronavirus resurgence – that’s on the front of The Guardian.


The new mission to Mars could bring back a virus that will wipe out the Earth, according to the Daily Star.


The UK faces a full national lockdown if coronavirus cases continue to surge – that’s on the front of the Daily Express.


The Daily Telegraph reports on a warning from England’s chief medical officer who says the country may have reached the limit on resuming normal life.


The Daily Mail says Britain is braced for new restrictions on meeting friends and family as the price of getting children back to school in September.


The prime minister is preparing Britons for an autumn without seeing friends or family, The Times says, commenting on the postponement of lockdown easing.


Lockdown meltdown – that’s on the front of the Daily Mirror after Boris Johnson delivers bad news for those businesses due to reopen.


The FT Weekend reports on the “hammer blow” to businesses after the prime minister postponed the easing of lockdown restrictions due to a rise in the number of new coronavirus cases.


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Saturday night’s reviewers will be journalist and author Rachel Shabi with Tim Stanley, leader writer at The Daily Telegraph.

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