What is the difference between a cryptocurrency casino and a regular casino?

Modern casinos are very different, different games can be different, methods of input and output, promotions, odds, percentage of returns and so on. Bitcoin casinos are considered to be a separate type, because they differ from other gaming platforms in many ways:

  • Bitcoin (possibly another cryptocurrency) is used to make a deposit;
  • You play and bet anonymously;
  • It is impossible to cancel a deposit or withdrawal (it is impossible to cancel an operation in the blockchain);
  • Developers establish integrity controls;
  • Some institutions even have a license;
  • As a rule, Bitcoin casinos have high returns;
  • High level of security (safety of funds).

The number of casinos that accept cryptocurrency is increasing every day. This is not surprising, their owners get a huge profit by adding this way of input and output, which is not taxed and is not fixed anywhere. At the same time, some still leave fiat (national currencies) for convenience.

What are the Bitcoin casinos?

These gaming sites are divided by many factors. There are bitcoin casinos with no deposit bonus, fiat support, real money and so on. This classification is not quite correct; here it’s necessary to understand whether crypto technologies are used or the institution is simply ready to accept deposits or make payments in digital coins:

  • Blockchain casino – at the heart of such a platform is blockchain, i.e. the project is built on crypto technology. It differs in that it remains decentralized, the most secure, but at the same time, it is not controlled by anyone, which creates difficulties in verifying its honesty.
  • Casino with deposit and withdrawal in cryptocurrency – if the site accepts altcoins for deposits or pays winnings in them, it does not mean that the project works on the blockchain. Very often such platforms are created by scammers, they do not bother and hide the real data.
  • Casino with cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal and fiat support – when the list of deposits and withdrawals includes bank cards and well-known electronic payment systems, it already indicates a high level of establishment. Now almost all major brands accept and withdraw funds in crypto.
  • You can find a casino where no deposit is required – you can play for free, or choose a blockchain-based casino that offers a bonus in the developers’ own cryptocurrency without a deposit. As for the welcome gifts, loyalty programs and other perks in standard casinos, there is no difference in this regard.

Advantages of cryptocurrency casino

Regular users in their reviews most often highlight such advantages of cryptocurrency gambling:

  • Anonymity – one of the main advantages of Bitcoin. While playing, no one will be able to trace your transactions and understand that it is you who is playing. Now you don’t have to worry about your privacy – you can fully concentrate on the game.
  • Secure operation – although the earned funds are on the casino website, you can always withdraw them, transfer them to your wallet, or even cash them out.
  • Decentralization Principle – Bitcoin casinos have no connections to banks. This means that in contrast to conventional online casinos, no one can seize or freeze your account.
  • Small size of bets – one Bitcoin is easily divided into small parts: up to one million Satosh. And this means that unlike dollar services, with cryptocurrency the user can play with micro stakes. Thus, you can not only earn, but also learn how to play or just relax without the risk of losing large amounts.
  • Fast movement of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin is equally fast both during the game (for example, when you directly make bets) and when you withdraw the earned money from your account.
  • Highly technological – by playing in Bitcoin casinos, you get acquainted with new technologies and contribute to their further popularization and development.
  • No borders and the ability to play with people from different parts of the world.
  • Possibility to track transactions easily – every cryptocurrency transfer is recorded in the blockchain, and it is impossible to delete this record (every block of the chain has its unique signature, which is extremely difficult to forge). All this increases the security of working with Bitcoin casinos.
  • There is no need to visit a real casino and there are no transportation costs. All you need when working with Bitcoin casino: your personal computer, a registered account on the website and a stable Internet connection. Accordingly, this way you save your time and energy for other, more important tasks.
  • Self-control of users – every Bitcoin casino client gets an opportunity to control the state of his/her game account and track all transactions by himself/herself.

How to choose the best crypto casino

The most important parameter when choosing a casino is its honesty. However, it is impossible to be fully insured against fraudulent actions on the Internet. Nevertheless, in your power to reduce the likelihood that the site will be dishonest, i.e. will not allow to withdraw the won money under one or another pretext. Here are the basic criteria you need to pay attention to when choosing a cryptocurrency casino:

1. List of games, promotions, design – if the casino has few games, modest gifts and sparse design, it simply is not attractive to the experienced layman. The site should have slots, card games, LIVE mode. Promotions should be more generous than in conventional casinos, and modern design, because these are technological projects.
2. The presence of a license – it is legal to conduct gambling business only in some countries such as Curacao, Malta, Antigua. It is important that the developers have official permission to operate, it shows their solidity, because the cost of the license is not small.
3. Software – the slot machines can already draw conclusions about the fairness of the game presented in a casino. They should be from the leading operators, such as NetEnt, Microgaming and others. Beware of scripted casinos, there is no generator and it is easy to tweak the results.
4. casino reviews – your online reputation plays a crucial role, so take a look at what other users think about the platform. As a rule, reviews are left by those who don’t like something, so there are always more negatives. Also consider that they can be tweaked to attract referrals.
Based on these important points, you can check any institution yourself and draw conclusions. We have already done our own research and made a selection of sites that meet all the requirements of a quality casino.

Popular online casino games

There are several of the most popular bitcoin casino games. These are all sorts of slots, live casino, online poker, blackjack and all the classic card games that can be found in casinos.

Card games

Bitcoins have already become a habitual means of payment in the majority of online casinos in Russia. The rules and principles of bitcoin card games are the same as for other types of payment means. Therefore, a gamer from any country can use cryptocurrency to play online slots, roulette, blackjack, keno, craps, baccarat, video poker and other popular types of games that are available at any online casino.


Online poker and poker tournaments, which take place weekly around the world, have recently gained enormous popularity, not least because of the large prize pools. This is the reason why many bitcoin casinos in Europe have switched to paying for winnings and depositing in bitcoins. Any kind of poker can now be played for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin gambling has made the world of gambling safer, more reliable and convenient.

Live dealer games

Bitcoins are now widely used in online gambling. Therefore, you can use cryptocurrency for live dealer games in casinos. To do this, all you have to do is register at one of the above-mentioned casinos that offer various live game options. Then choose the game you want with the dealer you like and have fun!

Why is it better to play with Bitcoins rather than real money?

First and foremost, cryptocurrency casinos are attractive because of their anonymity. Digital currencies are decentralized, all transactions in the blockchain are open, but it’s impossible to understand who sent the money and to whom. Based on this, no information goes to the tax office, which by law should take a percentage of winnings.
On the legislative level, players are well protected because crypto is not accepted as a monetary unit. This allows gambling online even for residents of countries where casinos are banned. What other advantages there are:

  •  All transactions are secure;
  • The commissions are minimal;
  •  No verification;
  •  Instant deposit and withdrawal;
  •  Do not freeze accounts;
  •  They accept minuscule stakes;
  •  Technically they are more reliable.

It is also interesting that the rate of cryptocurrencies is constantly changing. If you make a deposit, after a few months, the amount can increase several times. Volatility can also play in the opposite direction (the rate will fall). However, in the long term, quotes show steady growth, so the likelihood that the bank will increase is much higher.

Bonuses from the best crypto casinos

There are many bonuses at online casinos, but not all of them are worthy of attention. Experienced gamblers have learned to distinguish between useless “enticements” from rewards with fair conditions. The latter are another feature of the best bitcoin casinos in 2022.

Everyone loves no deposit bonuses. A few dozen freespins for registration are already reason enough to try out gambling at a particular site. Even if they do not have the smallest wager, no deposit bonuses still lift your spirits.

Deposit bonuses are treated more seriously, because gamblers are used to quite large bonus amounts. Welcome bonuses of top cryptocurrency casinos often allow you to get up to several bitcoins to your bonus account – provided that the deposit amount is appropriate.

Top Bitcoin casinos almost always develop a solid loyalty program for high rollers. If a player is used to playing for big money, he receives appropriate rewards. A personal manager and access to special events are a familiar part of VIP membership at the best bitcoin casinos.

Of course, bonuses only add to the fun of winning and the process of playing with cryptocurrencies itself. But they’re still more fun – and sometimes much more profitable. Generous and abundant bonus offers are the best way to decorate a luxury bitcoin casino.

How to deposit and withdraw in bitcoin casino?

The number of people actively using digital currencies for payments is constantly growing. But there are those who are still not well acquainted with Bitcoin. If you are one of them, or you just want to know how to make payments on BTC-enabled sites, then this tutorial will be useful for you.

  • Choose an online casino and register your personal account on it. To do this, use our list of verified sites posted on this page above.
  • During registration choose BTC as your currency. Or one of the other cryptocurrencies. Usually, gambling sites also offer Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.
  • Next, go to the “Cash” (“Deposit”, “Wallet”) section. There you will see the wallet address (bitcoin address). It consists of about 30 signs and begins with 1 (1) or 3 (3). This is where you will have to send your bitcoins. Copy it. Next to the address is also added a QR-code. It is easy to make payments with your smartphone.
  • Enter the copied address into the service from which you will deposit your account: a cryptocurrency exchanger or a cryptocurrency exchange. You don’t need to create a separate wallet and install special software. You can refill your bitcoin account directly from the exchanger or exchange.
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