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Link in Bio
Link in Bio

The limitations of social networks in providing contact information in the profile header are a pain for business accounts. The ability to add only one clickable link means you can only provide users with one external channel to communicate with you.

You might say, “Just put a link to your project’s web page and list the contacts there.” But that won’t work. What if the client gets lost? And what about those who don’t have a website?

You can place links in posts, but they won’t be active, making it difficult to follow them. They can only be copied/pasted. Admittedly, this is not very convenient. There is a solution – multi-link services for Instagram, a selection of which we present in this article.

We will explain what an Instagram multi-link is and why it’s needed, provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create one, and offer a review of 10 paid and free services for this purpose.

What is Link in bio and how to make it

Link in bio is a link that leads to a page (micro-landing) where, depending on the service, you can find:

  • links to other projects (website, blog, social media pages);
  • contact information (phone, email, messengers);
  • company geolocation or other buttons (note: not provided by all services).

A digital business card is primarily necessary to prevent customer loss due to gaps in communication with them. It can be used as a website or project landing page. It’s an excellent option if you’re limited by budget or time. Moreover, if you need to post only contacts + a price list or portfolio, a full web page is simply unnecessary.

To create a Link in Bio, you need to use special services, a selection of which we have prepared.

We’ve compiled a list of the most well-known paid and free services for creating a link in bio here. Among them, you’ll be able to find the optimal solution for your business.