Pick You Me

Why do I need a link in bio tool?

Right now, every time you’ve got something new to share, you have to go to every single one of your channels to change the link in each of your bios. It’s time-consuming and complicated – making it so much harder to keep everything up to date. A link in bio tool means you never have to compromise, or remove one link from your bio so you can add another. You can keep everything you want to share online in one link. When you’ve got a change, you only ever have to make it once.

Is PQME safe to use on all of my social media profiles?

PQME is trusted by all social platforms, and is even used on many of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok’s own social media accounts! Because PQME is the original and most popular link-in-bio tool, the pqme.com URL is a trusted, identifiable and familiar link that audiences feel comfy and safe clicking on. How can I drive more traffic to and through my PQME? Sharing your PQME on every social platform you have makes it easy for your most important content to be seen and engaged with by all of your followers. You can even use QR codes to generate online traffic in offline places, and drive people to your links. Once visitors arrive on your PQME, easy-to-understand analytics help you quickly and easily discover where they’re coming from, and what they’re clicking on. You can immediately see what’s working and what’s not and improve your PQME on the fly with different link placement, prioritized links, subheadings, animation and more to make sure your traffic is landing exactly where you want it!

How many links should I have on my PQME?

This depends on two things. If your priority is click-throughs and conversion, we recommend having 3-7 links on your PQME at once (based on our most successful creators). Including too many options for your visitors slows down their course of action. That said: for certain creators whose priority is display, education and showcasing (e.g. a record label with a library of new releases to promote, or a management company looking to showcase their full roster of clients), including more than seven links fulfils their purpose perfectly. You can use features on PQME to add subheadings, sections, animation and other prioritisation methods to your links – so no matter how many things you’ve got to share, you can drive your visitors to what’s most important, first.